News Briefs

Public library asks for $9.5 million
The Ottawa Public Library is asking city council for $9.5 million to upgrade its building at the corner of Metcalfe Street and Laurier Avenue.
The facility is 22 years old and in need of renovations and new technology.
Board chairman David Daubney says “the main library is dysfunctional, aging and does not meet the needs of persons with disabilities.”
The library requires outside assistance because it is already working with a shortfall of possibly $2 million.
Carrie MacAfee

Parking lot wins council’s approval
City council reversed its decision last week on the future of two Sparks Street heritage buildings. The site will be turned into a parking lot.
Council voted 6-5 last week to allow the owner, the Bank of Nova Scotia, to build a parking lot after the buildings are demolished.
Council had turned down the parking lot on Oct. 1.
According to the bank, the demolition began a few weeks ago, and should be complete by the end of October.
Adam Hickman

Barrier to replace ignored signs
The region hopes building a concrete barrier will prevent westbound traffic on Lisgar Avenue from illegally continuing past the intersection at Kent Street.
In 1990, to reduce accidents, traffic was prevented from going through the intersection during weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
But regional Coun. Diane Holmes says many drivers ignore the signs, and police lack the resources to enforce the law.
The barrier will be a self-enforcing solution, and will be tried for six months.
The barrier, to be ready by November, will force traffic on Lisgar Street to turn on to Kent Street.
The barrier costs $2,000, traffic lights would cost $65,000.
Adam Hickman