It’s all about entertainment at The Gladstone

You could say it is act two for Steve Martin and The Gladstone Theatre in Little Italy on Gladstone Avenue.

Martin, the owner of the theatre announced the 2009/2010 line-up at The Gladstone at a reception on Monday.  This year’s theme for the theatre’s second season is “Now That’s Entertainment!”.

“We want to entertain people in light of what is happening in the world during this ‘so-called economic downturn’”, said Martin.

He said he just wants to give people something interesting to watch and enjoy. This year’s season will feature seven shows instead of 10 which ran last year. Some shows will run for longer periods of time and matinees will only be held on Saturdays.

The Gladstone will host Noises Off, The Final Twist, The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Town Women’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of A Christmas Carol, Italian American Reconciliation and a Shakespearian inspired play. This will be put on by The Company of Fools, Ottawa's only independent professional Shakespeare company.

This is in addition to two musicals, Blood Brothers and The Andrews Brothers that will take the stage. Martin said it has been a long time since the city has seen a musical in the summertime and that this is what people wanted.

“A lot of people last season said they want to be entertained and have fun so that is what they are going to get,” he said.

Packages with tickets for all seven shows purchased before June 30 will include gift certificates to be used at any of the productions, a gift certificate to an area dance studio and a VIP dinner discount card. The Gladstone has partnered with four restaurants in Little Italy giving patrons a chance to enjoy local cuisine before they head to a show.

Martin said he and the staff at The Gladstone are willing to listen to the patrons’ comments and concerns and they know many of their audience members personally. He said he wants to please the people and that he is going to do everything in his power to ensure the theatre productions are of the highest caliber possible.