Landslide victory for Dewar

For the third time since 2006, NDP candidate Paul Dewar has been re-elected to represent Ottawa Centre in a landslide victory.

With all polls reporting, 52 per cent of the votes went to Dewar, more than doubling the votes for second place Conservative candidate Damian Konstantinakos.

Scott Bradley of the Liberal party trailed slightly behind Konstantinakos with just over 20 per cent of the votes.

Dewar greeted more than 200 supporters crowded into Sala San Marco on Preston Street to celebrate his victory.

Guests were treated with pizza, snacks and a case of Orange Crush at every table to represent the recent surge of support for the NDP.

NDP, Paul Dewar –  52.0 percent, or 33,704 votes
Conservative, Damian Konstantinakos – 21.7 percent or 14,076 votes
Liberal, Scott Bradley – 20.1 percent or 13,036 votes
Green Party, Jen Hunter – 5.0 percent or 3,262 votes
Radical Marijuana,  John Andrew Akpata – 0.6 percent or 373 votes
Independent, Romeo Bellai – 0.4 percent or 227 votes.
Communist Party, Stuart Ryan – 0.2 percent or 109 votes
Marxist-Leninist Party, Pierre Soubliere – 0.1 or 44 votes.