Somerset ward elects McKenney as councillor

Catherine McKenney has been elected as the new councillor for Somerset Ward, according to unofficial poll results from the City of Ottawa.

McKenney received 2,998 votes, or 41.09 per cent of total votes.

“It’s an amazing feeling to win,” she said in an interview. “The trust and support from the community, we talked to them by the thousands and even then, they knew what my values were and gave me their vote tonight.”

Jeff Morrison came in second place with 1,440 votes, or 16.84 per cent, of the votes.

Martin Canning followed Morrison with 1,415 votes, or 16.55 per cent, of the votes.
Jim Watson also emerged victorious tonight as he was re-elected as mayor, according to unofficial results released by the city.

Watson won with an overwhelming 76.29 per cent of the votes, or 184,257 votes.