Canada faces crucial election

This election is the most important in a generation. After 10 years of Stephen Harper, our country has fallen behind on so many things that matter to Canadians. It is time for a new plan and new leadership that will create change and ensure that all Canadians have a real and fair chance to succeed, rather than engaging in the politics of negativity and division.

Here are some of issues I have heard from you while travelling across the country: 

We need to restore Canada as a leader on climate change. Every day, we see the effects of climate change on the world. Changing weather patterns, droughts and flooding, and negative impacts on wildlife, mean we have to do everything we can to ensure that Canada takes concrete action here at home, and is an active and constructive player on the international stage.

We need to create jobs for young people. Young people deserve the same chances that their parents had to succeed, contribute to our economy, and launch their adult lives. My plan will make it easier for you to find work during the summers between classes, as well as get full-time, well-paid jobs after you graduate. We will invest in skills training, co-op placements, and the Canada Summer Jobs program. 

We need to legalize and strictly regulate marijuana. For too long, government and law enforcement resources have been squandered trying to enforce outdated marijuana prohibition laws. I will take immediate action to fix this failed Conservative approach. 

We have a plan, and you can read it in full at

In order to make these changes, I need your support. It is time for a government in Ottawa that is more open and accessible to you, and really cares about your ideas. We cannot do it alone. We need each of you to get involved in this election.  

If you believe that Canada can, and will, be better with a change in government, I ask two things of you:


Be an advocate for the issues you care about by talking to your friends and family.
Justin Trudeau,

Leader ,

Liberal Party of Canada