Elizabeth Fraser is tackling her studies at Carleton University while running as the Green candidate for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock in the 2019 federal election. The 21-year old is certainly not your average third-year university student.

While pursuing a degree in Public Affairs and Policy Management, Fraser has always been active in environmental initiatives. In 2018, she founded a Green Party Club at Carleton and remains the President.

Juggling school, work, meetings and her campaign is stressful. To cope, Fraser has reduced her course load to three classes. She has also made accommodations with her professors so that she can stay up to date on her school work when she leaves Ottawa to campaign.

This is an exciting time for her. Fraser runs the majority of her administrative work online, but will be riding for six weeks during the campaign. She says that it may seem like a big step, but she recommends running for office to any student interested in pursuing politics.

A woman sorts through her dresser.
Fraser packs a suitcase as she prepares to return home for six weeks of campaign events and door-knocking. She says she thinks her popularity will grow when people actually see who she is. [Photo © Rachel Morgan]
A woman wears a pin of Green Party leader, Elizabeth May.
Fraser is a hardcore Green enthusiast. However, she says, she adores her Elizabeth May pin as it reminds her that this election can be fun. [Photo © Rachel Morgan]
A woman types on a laptop.
Fraser says most of her work consists of responding to emails and phone calls. She is ecstatic when she receives an email from a resident who wants to help with her campaign. [Photo © Rachel Morgan]
A classroom of students.
Fraser sits in a sea of students in a lecture room. The third-year student is taking a part-time course load as she runs her campaign. She says she will balance her three classes while in full campaign mode in the riding. [Photo © Rachel Morgan]
A man and a women talk during a meeting
As the president of a Green Party Club, Fraser often meets with different executives in the Carleton University Student Association office (CUSA). Here she talks to CUSA’s Vice President of Finance, Jacob Howell, before leaving for the campaign. [Photo © Emily Wilson]
Woman holds business card
Collecting business cards is a common result of meetings with the Carleton University Student Association (CUSA). [Photo © Emily Wilson]
Two women sit in a restaruant
Carleton University’s pub, Ollie’s, is a popular spot for students to grab a bite to eat and do some work.  Fraser meets with a friend, Katelyn Sloan, to bounce off strategies for her campaign. [Photo © Emily Wilson]
Writing in a notebook.
This little black book contains everything from meeting notes, to-do lists, contacts and more for Fraser. She says it is a must-have everywhere she goes. [Photo © Rachel Morgan]
Mix of items on a table
Simultaneously working on school work and the campaign can sometimes mean chaos.
Take laptops and notebooks then add drinks and food and you get a messy table. [Photo © Emily Wilson]
A girl exits a door, turns and smiles.
Amidst juggling everything, Fraser still tries to find ways to relax and enjoy life in the moment. [Photo © Rachel Morgan]