Top of the morning, Ottawa. Though we’ve got a bit of a cloudy start to the day this morning, you can expect it to clear up, leaving nothing but sunshine until sundown. Morning temperatures are hovering at 0°C, but we should see them warm up to highs of 9°C by early-afternoon. Environment Canada has more.

Five new COVID-19 cases found in Ottawa, two of them in hospital

The province cited five new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus on Thursday in the City of Ottawa. Ontario’s health ministry said three of the cases are travel-related. Two of the five cases have been admitted to hospital. Ottawa Public Health also announced Thursday it is in looking at 51 confirmed and potential cases of COVID-19. The Ontario government has already confirmed 32 cases in the city. Local health officials continue to warn that the total number of cases in Ottawa is likely in the thousands. Global News has more.

U.S. decides not to post troops on border

After Canadian objections, the Trump administration has decided not to post troops near the border, the Globe and Mail reports. The federal government said Thursday that it was strongly opposed to an American proposal to station 1,000 troops near what is widely known as the longest undefended international border, in an effort to halt illegal border crossers coming in from Canada. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said the move would be “damaging” to the relationship between the two countries.

Ottawa Hospital may soon start rationing masks for staff

As supplies of face masks for frontline healthcare workers disappear with each passing day as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, Ottawa’s largest hospital is in talks about rationing masks for staff during shifts. In a memo, the Ottawa Hospital originally said it would provide staff with two N95 face masks each shift. In an evening update to the story, the hospital said it will meet over the weekend to discuss the policy further. CTV News has that story.

Service Canada centres closing amid pandemic

The federal government announced Thursday evening it will shut all 317 Service Canada locations effective today. The move follows pressure on the government from the Canadian Employment and Immigration employees who are refusing to work amid health and safety concerns during the coronavirus pandemic. More on that from The Globe and Mail.

Via Rail employee tests positive for COVID-19

VIA Rail is contacting passengers who may have been in contact with an employee who has tested positive for COVID-19. The employee worked on two trains serving the Ottawa-Toronto corridor during the weekend of March 14 and 15. VIA Rail has said that it has also contacted all other employees and crew that have been potentially exposed to the virus through contact with the employee. CTV News has that story.

Community sports venues are closed in Ottawa, but not parks

In efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, all Ottawa sports fields and courts, and community rinks will close, but park spaces will remain open. City manager Steve Kanellakos told city council on Wednesday that he doesn’t expect any of these venues to reopen before at least the end of June. City guidance stresses the need to stay away from playground structures as well, though residents can visit parks and walkways as long this is not done in large groups, and that two-metre social distancing measures are kept. CBC News has more.

For the time being, COVID-19 will not stop potholes in Ottawa from being filled

Though the COVID-19 pandemic may keep more people staying home with fewer vehicles on the road, city crews continuing to fill up Ottawa’s stubborn potholes, albeit at reduced capacity. CTV News has more.