Expect a sunny start to the day but clouds and rain will move in, according to Environment Canada. The high today will be 26ºC. The rain is expected by early afternoon with the risk of a thunderstorm into the early evening. Showers are to continue through most of the night with a low of 16ºC.

“Stark contrast” between Crown, defence as closing arguments in Montsion trial wrap up today

As the closing submissions in Const. Daniel Montsion’s manslaughter and assault trial are scheduled for today, the defence position is in “stark contrast” to that of the Crown. Montsion’s lawyer, Solomon Friedman, argued the gloves Montsion wore weren’t an offensive weapon, while Crown attorney, Philip Perlmutter, said what matters is that they were used as a weapon. Friedman accused the Crown of selecting the worst parts of eyewitness accounts. Perlmutter argued that Montsion failed to follow his police training by not considering de-escalating the situation. The Crown is to finish its closing statements today and the defence will be given one last chance to reply. The Ottawa Citizen has more

Ottawa Public Health reports largest new COVID-19 cases since May: OPH

On Tuesday, Ottawa Public Health (OPH) reported the largest single-day increase since May with 43 new cases of COVID-19. Over half of the new cases are in people under 30. Dr. Brent Moloughney, Ottawa’s associate medical officer of health, said this is a red flag but at this point it is unclear whether this rise in cases will continue. Moloughney said that the new increase in cases is the result of people holding “really risky” large indoor gatherings at homes and cottages. Another problem, Moloughney explained, is confusion regarding social circles with people thinking they can be in more than one bubble of 10 people. CBC has more

Governor General’s office denies allegations of toxic work environment

The office of the governor general has denied allegations that Julie Payette has made the work environment toxic. CBC reported Tuesday a number of staff members left the office because of mistreatment. Four staff members reportedly left during the pandemic and one more is expected to depart in the near future. The sources in the CBC report state that Payette “yelled at, belittled and publicly humiliated employees.”

B.C. adding 79 search and rescue crews

The public safety minister and solicitor general in B.C., announced the province has dedicated $6 million that will be spread across 79 search and rescue groups each year beginning in 2022. The Toronto Star reports there has been a spike in calls. Search and rescue crews have responded to over 700 calls across B.C. since the beginning of the year, the province reports. Chris Kelly, president of the B.C. Search and Rescue Association, says he expects a busy August as, after a long time in their homes, residents venture into the backcountry. 

Edmonton’s CFL team drops offensive name 

Edmonton’s professional football team will now longer use the word “Eskimo,” the board of directors of the team has announced. The use of the term has been called racist and insensitive. Janice Agrios, the board chair, said no one event motivated the decision but instead it was the result of a discussion with partners and fans over several years. However, she did say that sponsors recently threatening to pull support if the name didn’t change was a secondary factor. Natan Obed, president of the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, said he was glad the change was made, “emphasizing that Inuit are people and not sports mascots or monikers.” The team will begin to look for a new name. The club will be known as the EE Football Team and Edmonton Football Team. CBC has more.