Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary is a safe haven for animals of all kinds. The ranch offers space for animals to recover from abuse, neglect or over-work.

Visitors can enter the Kemptville, Ontario sanctuary for free. The farm relies on donations and volunteers to care for the animals.

“The ranch is a non-kill sanctuary. Animals which come here either stay until their passing, or until they find a good home,” said volunteer Trevor Egeberg.

Upon entry to Big Sky Ranch, one is sure to greeted by a furry face. [Photo © Polina Gankina] 
The ranch depends on donations to operate. [Photo © Erna Bitote]
Many larger animals are placed together — sheep with sheep and horses with horses, for example. Cats, dogs and chickens are free to roam the property. [Photo © Polina Gankina]
The barn houses the majority of the farm animals, which would freeze in Ottawa’s weather, especially this recent cold snap. [Photo © Erna Bitote]
Inside the barn, one can find alpacas, goats, sheep, emus and goats. The animals are friendly. [Photo © Polina Gankina]
This young hound was dropped off at the ranch. Friends claim the pet was abused. He was howling as friends of the former owner drove away. [Photo © Polina Gankina]
“Dogs are the most common animals dropped off, but also the fastest to go. We are usually able to find them a good home within a week,” said volunteer Aubrey Hewett-Hicks.
[Photo © Polina Gankina]
Pens are used to house horses and buffalo during warmer months. [Photo © Erna Bitote]
There is a Remembrance Garden to honour the animals who have lived at the ranch. The wall is covered in engraved brass tags bearing the names of the animals. [Photo © Polina Gankina]
Trevoe Egeberg has been volunteering for 10 years. “Birds are the most difficult to keep up with,” he said. “We’re not breeders here, but with the birds we often find ourselves stumbling over new hatches.” [Photo © Polina Gankina]
There are many different bird species waddling around the Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary including these ducks. [Photo © Polina Gankina]