Organizers are thrilled at the turnout and enthusiasm for Project V, an event held at The Urban Centre on March 18. Organized by The V2V Project, the night highlighted the work of Ottawa creatives through fashion, music and more. 

Co-organizer Vivian Achor was still buzzing days after the event.

“It’s been crazy, it’s all happening so fast. We’re at the point now where people know about us and want to do stuff with us,” she said.

“It’s only been, like, [a few] days since the event and we’re already planning our next event,” said Achor.

The V2V project is an organization devoted to creating a profound relationship between Ottawa’s youth-led Black-owned businesses, all while providing them with a platform to collaborate with other like-minded people. Founded by Achor and Kaine Osiagwu, the pair handpicked each and every creative for the event. Among those creatives were fashion labels such as Severe Nature and Kouri, as well as musicians like Maeesha and REBELVFTERPVRTY, with DJ Jinx keeping things hopping in between.

Capital Current captured the sold-out event’s camaraderie, spirit, and euphoric moments in photos.

The show kicked off energetically, as seen here with co-host HBK turning away with glee as fellow co-host Xavierthetwin makes the audience crack up. The duo wouldn’t miss a beat all night, dancing and giggling their way through the five-hour show. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
Two models walk for Unidentified, and greet the crowd with personalities brighter than the shine emanating from their bejeweled tops. Unidentified had a tough act to follow as Ginuwine, who walked right before, was greeted with a rowdy welcome by the crowd. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
The show was segmented into blocks, often pairing musical performances back-to-back, then splitting the next set with a runway walk. AP was among the first musicians to perform, setting the tone for an action-packed night. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
Swiftly following AP’s performance was a catwalk from SAI-FI, a fashion label with designs by a 16-year-old. Achor said “they were so poised,” as they entered the dressing room, something she and the other organizers didn’t expect. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
When HBK and Xavierthetwin asked the crowd who raps, all eyes went to Ground Jordan, seen in the green “I heart your girlfriend sweater,” who took the stage to freestyle. The handshakes are indicative of Jordan’s impressive performance. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
A half-time break gave the crowd the chance to stretch their legs and shop the various surrounding vendors. However, this gentleman thought he would be better suited to flexing his outfit in the front row. He pairs Pit Viper sunglasses with a not-so-formidable foe: Prada and Off-White. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
Right around the corner from the vendors was a makeshift barber shop, outfitted with vintage props. Shimmy Szn was lounging with his friends before his performance and sat down for a quick portrait capture. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
The crowd retook their seats by the runway after the break where they were greeted by Nice Guy. The brand showed an assemblage of hand-painted garments. This look incorporated a monochromatic theme, capped off by a black umbrella with raindrops surrounding it. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
Nice Guy followed up the monochromatic look with one that stole the show. The model’s jacket and skirt featured embroidered floral patterns completed by hand. Her balaclava was knit with yarn, and paired with wing-eyed eyeliner. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
Montreal-based label Tobe Outre was featured right after Nice Guy. The model flashed her fastened, white crop top and her pearly whites as she reach the halfway mark on her walk. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
In quick succession, artist NTHN took the crowd through a whirlwind of moments. NTHN was awarded the 2022 Ottawa’s “Artist of the Year” by Faces Magazine. Throughout the night, NTHN would showcase his ability to rap and sing, especially when accompanied by acoustic guitar. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
Shxmmy Szn takes the stage following a sneaker-centric catwalk. He’s from Toronto and spared no expense in order to bring his friends with him. The man dancing in the white shirt is getting sturdy, a style of dance that became popularized via New York’s drill music scene. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
The final runway walk was presented by Severe Nature, a fashion label that has been producing technologically advanced garments since 2012. Their collection showcased a thermo-knit T-shirt that changes colour when reacting to heat. This photograph showcases another piece of ingenuity, as the model in the olive track jacket is letting his sleeves be un-zipped, turning the sweater into a tank top. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]
Project V concluded with Severe Nature designer Jessilina Jiahuan walking over models’ bodies which had collapsed. The brand took a militia approach to its collection, including the use of Morse code which when translated, spells out Severe Nature. [Photo © Marcus Mitropoulos]