Welcome to Fall 2023’s second episode of the 25th Hour.

In this episode, our team takes you on a journey through five different stories — from the effectiveness of Canada’s proposed High Frequency Rail, to how charities are dealing with low funding and high demand, and how Tracy Chapman’s recent song of the year award fits into the history of the country music industry.

Come explore with our hosts Jack Hurley and Emma Kelly!

In this episode…


Episode producer:  Madeleine Van Clieaf
Technical Producers:  Jackson Starr and Jacob Titus
Headline Editor: Koyuki Hayashi
Headline Producer:  Ben Ralph
Bumper Team:  Zack Ladouceur and Valerie Patulot
Credits Coordinator: Emily Vaz
Credits Editor:  Rheanna Philipp
Show Hosts: Jack Hurley and Emma Kelly
Capital Current Team: Chris Edwards and Emma Weller