Polar vortex expected to hit Ottawa later this week

Residents might want to hold onto their winter coats and mitts a little longer, according to The Weather Network.

Weather stations are indicating a cold snap will come through Ontario at the beginning of April.

Because of a Polar Vortex – a system of Arctic air moving south – temperatures from the Prairies to the Maritimes will be below the seasonal norm, and we might even see some more snow.

Colder temperatures are predicted to persist into the first week of April before approaching seasonal again.

This cold break follows a relatively warm winter for Canada this year. The “easy” winter came from a strong El Nino weather pattern, one of the strongest since 1998. 

Residents are advised not to change their winter tires for the time being, and to cover up any plants from gardening they may have done over Easter weekend. 

To watch the Weather Network forecast, click here.