Canadian Museum of History to open Library and Archives Canada exhibit

The Canadian Museum of History announced Dec. 5 that they will be collaborating with Library and Archives Canada to create an exhibit of the LAC’s most historically significant documents in the Museum.

The exhibit, called Treasures From LAC, aims to enhance Canadian’s knowledge of their country’s heritage and history by making these important documents more easily accessible to the public. 

“This agreement marks an exciting new chapter in the close and long-standing relationship between the Canadian Museum of History and Library and Archives Canada,” said Mark O’Neill, president and CEO of the Canadian Museum of History.

“It will give museum visitors unprecedented access to some of Canada’s foundational documents and will help the Museum and LAC fulfill their mandates as national memory institutions.”  

O’Neill signed the partnership agreement along with the head Librarian and Archivist of Canada, Dr. Guy Berthiaume. According to the agreement, the gallery will feature one exhibit from Treasures from LAC, on display for a year, for the next five years. The exhibitions will be curated by the Museum in collaboration with LAC and may also feature objects from the Museum’s collections.

Treasures From LAC gallery is scheduled to open in the Canadian Museum of History in April 2017.