Where is it?

Orléans East-Cumberland (Ward 1) is in suburban east-end Ottawa. It is bounded by the Ottawa River to the north and is located about 16 kilometres from the downtown core. Encompassing a significant portion of the suburb of Orléans, the ward also includes the communities of Cardinal Creek, Fallingbrook, Notting Gate, Springridge and Cumberland village.

Who’s running?

The community was represented by Coun. Matthew Luloff for the past four years. In 2018, Luloff captured Ward 1 in an election contest with 16 other candidates. This year, Luloff is vying for the seat against two other competitors: Rosemee Cantave and Tessa Franklin. Election day is on Oct. 24, with voting taking place between 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Consult the City of Ottawa’s election page for more information on where and how to vote.

Demographics at a glance

Ward 1 has a population of 50,504, according to the City of Ottawa Forecast. The average after-tax income of a family in Orleans East-Cumberland is $105,123 (2016 Census by Wards). 

Source: City of Ottawa

A local landmark

Orléans East-Cumberland has many well-known landmarks. However one of its most popular is Petrie Island Beach. The Ottawa River island is managed by the City of Ottawa. The beach and the adjacent public spaces accommodate many recreational activities. 

One key issue

Residents of the area have been living with the construction of the Phase 2 LRT expansion that is set to be completed by the end of 2022. There have been frequent and multiple lane closures on Highway 174 during weekends between downtown Ottawa and Orléans, which has slowed traffic leading to exits at Jeanne D’Arc Boulevard and Place D’Orléans. Transportation challenges in general are a long-standing major issue for east-end commuters.