The pandemic has affected everyone differently. Whether switching to working from home, enforcing new protocols in workspaces, or completely re-working the day-to-day, we are all living out a new experience, the podcast Shook explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the life and work of people from different professions.

In this first episode, hosts Hannah Rivkin and Kayla Holmes spoke to two researchers from the University of Ottawa about how work on the computer and in the lab has changed over the past few months.

Peter Soroye is a fourth year PhD student at the University of Ottawa. The pandemic hasn’t changed the way he does research about climate change on bumble bee populations, but it has affected his ability to participate meaningfully in his community. [Photo provided by Peter Soroye]
 Adam Waldbillig is a first-year Master’s of Science student at the University of Ottawa. [Photo provided by Adam Waldbillig]

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