Canada is shut down in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 during an international pandemic. Orangeville, Ontario is a five-hour drive from Ottawa with a population of 28,900 people. The community is enforcing emergency management practices such as shutting down non-essential services and businesses, closing public spaces and prohibiting gatherings of more than five people.

A bright playground is wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent people from climbing on it.
Public spaces including parks, playgrounds, and sports fields have been wrapped up to discourage use. Public health officials are enforcing social distancing to reduce the virus’s spread. [Photo @ Lauren Stokes]
A handmade sign reads "we are open" in an empty plaza.
Only essential services and businesses remain open. Many businesses considered necessary, like this Orangeville car repair shop, display handmade signs in parking lots and on front doors. [Photo @ Lauren Stokes]
16 cars fill driveways in a suburban neighbourhood.
With so many home from work and school, driveways are unusually packed and cars line suburban streets. [Photo @ Lauren Stokes]
People wait in a long line outside of a grocery store. Each person has about a metre and a half between themselves and anyone around them.
Grocery stores implementing physical and social distancing practices are limiting the number of people in buildings at one time. Many shops have lines out the door where physical distancing rules are practiced. [Photo @ Lauren Stokes]
Colourful newsstands display real estate magazines, the Toronto Sun and the Toronto Star. Newspapers display Covid-19 related stories.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been the topic of conversation for several months. A state of emergency in Ontario was declared on March 17. [Photo @ Lauren Stokes]

Public health announcements and recommendations regarding Covid-19 are regularly posted by the World Health Organization and the Government of Canada.