Welcome to our first episode of 2021.

It’s now been more than a year since the pandemic was declared.

Our classes remain online and the hosts of this episode, Yasmine Ghania and Kevin O’Rourke McColl, will give you a quick glimpse of our stories from their homes in Ottawa and Toronto.

Our mini-doc teams have been working from their homes too – continuing to find innovative ways to tell their stories. Most of them couldn’t meet their interviewees in person, and relied on them to help with production in ways we wouldn’t normally have to.

In this episode, we will introduce you to people from here in Ottawa and as far away as Belgium. Some, like the Hockey Guys, one of TikTok’s latest sensations, will make you smile. Others, will speak to you in different ways – one of which is guaranteed to give you the tingles. Something all these people have in common: they are all making their way through the pandemic one day at a time, and looking for ways to keep their mental health intact while they do that.

In this episode…