Welcome to the new week, Ottawa! An umbrella or a rain jacket may come in handy today as Environment Canada predicts a 60 per cent chance of rain with a high of 16ºC and a low of 5ºC . Here is your news of the day.

Education workers strike called off

Students across Ontario will be in school today as education workers in Ontario will not strike following successful negotiations with the provincial government, according to Education Minister Stephen Lecce. Laura Walton, president of CUPE’s Ontario School Board Council of Unions, has said that the government has agreed to invest around $20 million in schools. More from CBC News.

New bus routes to affect daily commuters

The first Monday commute with the largest-ever change in OC Transpo bus routes is now under way. Commuters are boarding trains at the Tunney’s Pasture LRT station and at Blair Road and the system is busy but moving fairly smoothly from early reports. Sunday was Day 1 for the changes to routes. More than 100 have changed with significant changes made to those that run through downtown. The changes are an effort to reduce congestion downtown by diverting riders towards LRT hubs, according to the Ottawa Citizen in this report.

City streets to change

Those who drive will see a few changes in the city streets especially in downtown and in the east end because of the the big OC Transpo transit shift. The conversion of the bus only lane on Nicholas Street to a general traffic lane and the reintroduction of two traffic lanes and one bicycle lane on Laurier Avenue are only some of the many changes. The City of Ottawa has a list of the changes.

Federal leaders set for English debate

Six federal party leaders will face off at the official English-language debate to be held today from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau. The two-hour debate will cover five major topics and will include five questions from Canadian citizens. Global News offers some pointers on what to watch for.

U.S. opens door to Turkish military move into Syria

The White House issues a surprise change in policy in Syria with an official statement late last night. The U.S. will now not stand in the way of Turkey’s long planned military operation into northern Syria. The New York Times reports U.S. endorsement will allow Turkey to clear American-backed Syrian Kurdish forces away from the Turkish border. The Turks will become responsible for all Islamic State prisoners in the area.

Your chance to define the future of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa is in the process of chalking out a new Official Plan that will define how the city will grow over time. Alain Miguelez, the manager of Planning Policy and Resiliency with the City of Ottawa’s Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department, will present the “The 5 Big Moves” which are the most significant policy proposals for the official plan. The presentation, to be held at the Ottawa Public Library Tuesday, will be followed by a Q&A session.