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Category: Climate Change


Supreme Court declares federal carbon pricing constitutional and climate change a national concern

The Trudeau government is moving ahead with a national regime to ensure every province and territory has legislation in place to impose minimum carbon pricing standards to limit greenhouse gas emissions after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that a federal law is constitutional. In its decision, the 6-3 majority concluded climate change “poses an existential threat to human life…

Climate Change

COVID-19 consequences: Reduced air pollution, less waste, fresh insights

More than 20 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported globally to date. There is no overstating of the scope of the pandemic tragedy for humanity. However, it is also important to recognize that it has resulted in some unexpected environmental benefits — especially when it comes to air pollution and waste management.  The World Health Organization estimates that there…

Climate Change

Get ready for more heatwaves, floods and ice storms, report on Ottawa’s changing climate says

Ottawa councillors looked beyond the pandemic this week to another looming crisis. They were combing through a massive, two-volume report presented to the city’s environment committee that revealed some worrisome projections about climate change in the national capital over the next 30 years. The key findings: Ottawa should expect a warmer, wetter and — on average — more disaster-filled future….

Climate Change

Hold-the-Line campaign pushes to stop Ottawa’s urban expansion

Since 1980 Ottawa farmer John Vandenberg has been growing and selling produce — onions, berries, garlic and more at Rideau Pines Farm in North Gower. He supplies 25 local restaurants and households in developing suburbs nearby. But for more than 40 years, Vanderburg has watched local farm land, which he describes as some of the best in Canada, disappear. “There…